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Are you looking for a great Plastic Surgeon in Spokane, WA? No need to look any further. You are in the right place.

For over 25 years, Spokane Plastic Surgery has been performing a variety of surgical procedures, from reconstruction from horrible accidents, to cosmetic procedures that leave our patients feeling much happier and healthier.

Let our experienced staff and board-certified doctors handle everything in your plastic surgery procedure. Located right in the heart of downtown Spokane, WA, we are centrally located to Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, and all the surrounding areas of Eastern Washington for surgical procedures.

Have a question about something? Been wondering about that tummy tuck procedure for years, but never had the courage to ask about it? Fear no more! We have dedicated staff on-hand that can help answer your hard-to-ask questions, and lead you in the right direction.

Our goal is to never force surgery or a surgical procedure on anyone. We simply strive to provide fair and unbiased medical information, odds, and costs, and let the client make the decision for themselves. Sometimes the best answer is something not as invasive as surgery. Our no-pressure informational consultation will help you make up your mind.

If you have been thinking about, or wondering about that cosmetic procedure, please feel free to give us a call to setup a free, no-obligation consultation. You will be greeted in our wonderful Spokane office by our friendly secretaries and staff, and escorted back to a private and discrete meeting room to discuss what a surgery might mean for you.

All of our procedures are minimally invasive, and come with the top-of-the-line healing and therapeutic outpatient care, to make sure you are up and going as soon as possible. Life doesn’t wait for you, so why wait for recovery times that take way too long?

Our surgeons are all endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Spokane Rhinoplasty

Spokane RhinoplastyRhinoplasty, likewise called a “nose job”, is the procedure in plastic surgery that will reshape the face. Nose surgery might be done to enhance the appearance of a person’s face and/or to repair bodily issues (such as breathing troubles). Aesthetic problems generally dealt with by rhinoplasty include features like nose width, face length, profile problems, sizable or unequal nostrils, and crooked noses. Nose surgery could aid with issues triggered by genetics as well as those induced by bodily trauma or accidents.

The most common patients for rhinoplasty surgeries are people who want a change in their appearance, and the nose surgery is purely cosmetic. These people end up feeling much better about their looks and appearance after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty adjustments the appearance of the nose by altering the curve and dimension of the bone and the cartilage that provide the face form. The surgeon can make it straighter, thinner, much shorter, smaller sized, and even larger.

The pain level is generally mild to serious pain for the first week. Pain medicine may be suggested to alleviate the patient through this time.

Puffinessing and wounding might last from 1 to 6 weeks for closed rhinoplasty, much longer for open nose job.

Tingling, typically on the tip of the face, might last many weeks.

Bandages are often changed 5 to 10 days after surgical treatment.

A lot of people feel well enough to go back to work within 1 to 3 weeks.

Exercise might be restricted for 6 weeks.

Outcomes should be mainly completed after a few weeks, but there may be small modifications and enhancements also months after surgery.

Nose job is done on a same-day basis. I prefer to use general anesthesia because there has a tendency to be hemorrhaging in the spine of the neck, and this may be an issue with a semi-conscious patient.

Spokane Breast Implants

Spokane Breast ImplantsAre you looking for Spokane Breast Implants? Look no further because you have come to the right place! With years of combined experience in breast augmentation surgeries, Spokane Plastic Surgery can take care of your every breast implant need.

The busts are one of the most feminine body attributes, so it’s reasonable that you want to feel excellent about yours. For lots of women, reducing weight or having kids leaves their breasts smaller than in the past, while other women have always wanted bigger breasts.

We offer a variety of breast enhancement options to offer tailored outcomes that are lovely and natural looking. During your private examination, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss the ins and outs of your options and deal with you to get to the right choice for your body, cosmetic objectives, and way of living. Breast enhancement is among the most popular cosmetic treatments did today. With even more implant options than ever before, there’s never ever been a better time to think about the procedure.

Want to know what a breast surgery could do for your? Ever feel as if your chest isn’t an adequate size? Just give us a call and we can help you out!

Breast enhancement is usually done as an outpatient procedure utilizing basic anesthesia. You will likely go home the day of your surgical treatment, but you will require someone to manage the driving. You will have to use a special medical support bra for the first 1 to 2 weeks to support the boobs as they heal. Within about 7 to 10 days, the majority of women are able to go back to light activity, consisting of work; even more arduous workout can be resumed after about a month.

Although your selection of breast implant size and kind, breast implant positioning, and incision place will impact the specifics of your breast augmentation surgery, breast enhancement treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and follow the exact same fundamental actions:.

You will be carried out anesthesia and made comfortable in our approved, in-office medical suite.

A small incision will be made on the breast and the implant effectively placed.

A discomfort pump is inserted and the cut closed, after which you will be taken to the recuperation room.

In the recuperation room, you will be kept track of by a registered nurse until you are ready to go home.

Spokane Tummy Tuck Surgeries

Spokane Tummy TuckAre you in the Spokane, WA area and looking for a tummy tuck procedure? You are in luck. Look no further than the experienced surgeons at Spokane Plastic Surgery to take care of your needs.

You’ve had microdermabrasion facials, dermal fillers, or some various other non-surgical cosmetic therapies. If you have actually never had cosmetic surgery before, you owe it to yourself to take the time to find out all you can about the treatment.

Keeping your body in shape as you age can be among the most significant difficulties you will ever encounter. Even though you may be adhering to a great routine and eating right, you could not have the ability to compete against the challenges that your genetics and various other way of life aspects that are in play. As opposed to overwork your body and stress yourself out even further, it is time for you to start trying to find a solution that makes staying in shape much easier. A tummy tuck can do what hundreds of hours of workout and healthy eating cant. This procedure can eliminate the additional fat and tighten up the loose and drooping belly and abdomen location.

You might currently have a firm concept of how much fat and cells you desire gotten rid of from your difficulty areas in order to for you to look a particular means. Even if the doctors you meet with advise the removal of less cells and fat, you need to remember they are the specialists in this scenario. They understand exactly what to do to offer you the results you desire. They will do their best work to ensure that you do not have any troubles or problems from the abdominoplasty treatment. Hear the professionals and work with them, so they can assist you achieve your goal.

So if you are looking for a Spokane Tummy Tuck, please give us a call today!